Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Dark Day for the Hall

Nearly 79 years ago, an event known as “Black Tuesday” sent shock waves through American and International stock markets and saw the world spiral downwards into the Great Depression. Last night, on Ash Wednesday, the Fighting Irishmen came into the Pru and shocked every single fan in Pirate Nation. Yes, the #22 (#2 BIG EAST) were clearly favored in this matchup against Seton Hall. But few thought that Notre Dame would come in and make such a statement.

Ben and I always like to talk about how rare it is to see the Pirates get blown out of games. Even though they are often overmatched, they very rarely get destroyed the way they did last night. Sure, they lack the inside presence and often have trouble defending the backdoor cutter. But because of their scrappiness and relentless defensive play, they rarely ever get blown out of games. Well, that is until last night.

In the worst team loss in the Bobby Gonzalez era, perhaps it is no surprise that this loss came on such a solemn day. A time for repentance, Ash Wednesday marks the first day of Lent. Up until the 7th century, Lent began on the Sunday (Quadragestima Sunday) six weeks prior to Easter, but the four extra days were eventually added to parallel Jesus' 40 days of fasting in the wilderness.

With fewer and fewer games left in their BIG EAST schedule, Seton Hall has fewer and fewer opportunities to make a name for itself with a statement win. Last night presented a perfect opportunity to do so and the Pirates simply came out flat and uninspired. The mark of a good team is how they rebound from a tough loss. Let’s hope the Pirates repent for Wednesday’s sinful performance with a road victory against Nova on Saturday.

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Spanish said...

I have a better term for what happened yesterday: "A beautiful night." I am a recent Notre Dame graduate and let me tell you that what happened last night was not Seton Hall's fault. It was strictly Notre Dame's. There was no chance for Seton Hall to do anything against such a mature team. And yes, they are mature, eventhough there is only one starting Senior. Sorry Seton Hall, here come the irish!!!