Thursday, February 28, 2008

ESPN's "Team" Responds to Criticism

Ben and I have frequently lamented the quality of ESPN's coverage of Seton Hall. The announcers obviously know nothing about the team, and the camera work is shoddy at best. It's the reason why Ben and I mute the TV, opting instead for the high-caliber insights of Cohen and Popkin on WABC 770.

Well, a little over a month ago, I decided enough was enough. I wrote an email to ESPN, complaining about their coverage. Here was the email I sent:

Subject: Disappointing coverage/commentating

Message: I am writing in regards to the 1/24/08 coverage on ESPN2 of the Seton Hall-Providence basketball game. The commentators were incorrect in many of the statements they made – twice, Mike Davis was confused with Larry Davis, a mistake which is understandable except for the more than 8 inches that separate them. Additionally, you once referred to JAMAR Nutter as JAMAL Nutter – another unforgivable offense. Also, several times live footage was blocked by pop-up stats (that were also sometimes incorrect) and other similar features. Several times plays were missed and not seen. And because the two commentators were so atrocious in their coverage, the lack of visuals made the experience all the more painful.

My roommate and I live for Seton Hall basketball, and we very much look forward to those few rare games a season that make it onto national television. It’s important for us personally, as well as recruiting. Please find announcers familiar with this team, because it’s a very special team with an illustrious history, and your coverage does a true disservice to that legacy.

Ps. If you’re looking for said announcers, here’s a place to start: Dick Vitale ’62 and Bill Raftery ’73.

Today, they sent a response:
(Click above to view the response)

Thanks for writing, David.

Being a national network, we do our best to select announcers who are fair and neutral to the games that they cover, yet offer insightful and entertaining analysis.

We'll be sure to address your thoughts and concerns with our producers.

ESPN Viewer Response Team

Umm...thanks for the great, ahem, response. If you were a real "Team" as you claim, you would know what it's like to endure a grueling 19-game in-conference schedule, scrap out 7 gritty wins against vastly more talented opponents, and then huddle with your teammates around one singular dream - that one day, we might ascend to the highest echelons of the sport, attain the fame and recognition that our hard work certainly deserves. That one day, we might become a big name school. That one day, ESPN might cover our games with the regularity of a Duke or a Louisville.

Thanks a lot, "Team." I'll stick with Popkin and Cohen.


Tizodd said...

shit's weak ESPN, shit's weak. Poppin' fresh FTW. ESPN FTL.

William said...

Way to stick it to the man David! Tizodd smells of dingleberry scented candles

Tonya Harding said...

William don't know shit he don't know know Seton Hall all up in this shit