Thursday, February 28, 2008


New York, NY: This just in – beloved Seton Hall Head Coach Robert “Gonzo” Gonzalez has reportedly got himself in trouble once again. Having graduated from yelling and screaming at officials, Gonzo recently took his passion to a new high as two independent sources claim that Gonzo got into a half time fight with one of his assistants at last week’s West Virginia game.

Unfortunately, Seton Hall Assistant Athletic Director for Athletic Communications Matt Sweeney had no comment on the situation. But fortunately, Ben and I were at that game, and naturally, it is the two of us who are breaking you – our beloved readers – this gripping story.

Not a whole lot is clear in this Setonian mystery, but one thing should be clear to all the other BIG EAST coaches reading this: DON’T MESS WITH GONZO! If he has this much energy and passion to take a swing at one of his own coaches during halftime, imagine what he would do if Syracuse Head Coach Jim Boheim got in his way. Now, I’m not sure what kind of punch Gonzo packs, but I am pretty sure that his patented foot stamp could probably bruise those Orangemen into submission.

So while assistant coaches everywhere are busy buffing up and getting crash courses in martial arts and tae-kwan-do, lets only hope that Gonzo’s ferociousness translates into a win on Saturday.

(One of our sources)

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William said...

bitches runnin' wild up in Gonzo's gill! Gonzo had to dump him on his knuckles, make him say ouch.