Saturday, February 2, 2008

Gandhi Not Enough as Hoyas Top Pirates

First of all, I just want to apologize for all those in the blogosphere patiently awaiting another Gonzone production. It’s just that for the past 10 hours, I have been so emotionally distraught that I could not properly express myself without using a slew of profanities.

Well, in this modern David vs. Goliath, Georgetown just simply proved why they are one of the best teams in the country. The two headed combination of big men Roy Hibbert and Patrick “Daddy’s Boy” Ewing, Jr., coupled with stifling perimeter defense, forced Seton Hall into its worst field goal shooting game of the year. To think, if only Hibbert had followed his parents’ guidance when they “tried to get him to play tennis, golf, and then the piano.”

People can point to a lot of key factors that led to the Pirates downfall in this game. Not having a dominant big man to compete with the likes of Roy Hibbert & Co. definitely hurt the Pirates. The Hoyas’ perimeter D severely limited the impact of Pirate sharpshooters Jamar Nutter and Jeremy Hazell.

However, I think Seton Hall must take solace in the fact that they were even predicted to be competitive in this game. Two months ago, if people said that Seton Hall might have a chance to upset the sixth ranked team in the country, people would look at you like you’re wearing sneakers with a suit! The Pirates have made leaps and bounds this season and have proven that they are not to be taken lightly in the BIG EAST.

So although I am shaving my soul patch that I have been growing during the Pirates’ five game winning streak, I hope to be growing another one rather soon after Seton Hall does battle with Our Lady of Notre Dame this Wednesday.


Esther said...

sorry, dude--but props to you for sticking by their side!
(down with the patriots!!)

BlackandGreen said...

You got the link. Good luck with the blog!