Saturday, February 2, 2008

Gandhi Provides Spiritual Inspiration to Pirates

Lost. Confused. Alone. As Ben, or as he is affectionately known in the Blogosphere – Beast of the East – is most likely currently en route to the Verizon Center to watch top ranked Georgetown battle our beloved Pirates, I am left alone in our small apartment, contemplating my dreary existence. Ever since Ben and I embarked on this spiritual journey of ours, we have done everything in sync. Purchasing the Gonzone ticket package was a two man operation. Starting the blog was a joint decision. Now, Ben is in Georgetown and I am in New York. The big question: how will the Hall respond?

Will senior leaders Brian Laing and Jamar Nutter step up their games in the face of adversity? Will John Garcia continue to throw his weight around with vengeance? Can St. Augustine Okosun continue to throw up prayers at the stripe? Two of the team's most devout followers have been separated. But SHU has rebounded before and has made a living this season coming back from unthinkable deficits. Down double digits twice against Louisville, who thought the Pirates could come back and win? We did. Did anyone give the Hall a chance to win down 19 points against James Madison? Yes, we did.

So even though the Beast is frolicking in our nation's capital and I am stuck in Gotham City, separated we are not. We are united by the faith we have in Setonia and are confident that through faith, and faith alone, we can withstand this separation and only grow stronger. For as my good friend Mahatma Gandhi always said, "Unity to be real must stand the severest strain without breaking."

Now, you may be asking yourself: “Was Gandhi a basketball fan?” For a country known more for its samosas and tandoori chicken than its basketball stars, Gandhi could “hoop it up” with the best of them. After all, how do you think India gained its independence from Great Britain? All differences were settled on the hardwood.

Back to Setonia…

So as I mute the television to block out the ignorant and often oblivious announcers and tune into 770ABC to listen to the brilliant minds of Gary Cohen and Dave Popkin, I only wonder, can the Hall endure its biggest challenge of the season and prove that through unity and teamwork they can "stand the severest strain without breaking?"

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