Saturday, February 9, 2008

Gause done for season; unresponsive on Facebook

It was only a few days ago during the blowout contest with Notre Dame that Paul Gause fell to the floor, holding his knee, writhing in agony. Although Dave and I were physically restrained by the section ushers from running onto the court, we were right there with him. Now it turns out that the injury was as bad as feared - a partial tear of the ACL requiring possibly 8 months of rehab.

Yesterday, I wrote on Paul's wall: "Man, please tell me it's only a light sprain." Since then, I've been sort of frustrated that he didn't write me back. But knowing what I know now, his silence speaks volumes.

Paul, you're the heart and soul of this team. Get better soon, "Man," and continue to provide the leadership this team so desperately needs. You represent everything that's great about Setonia. Keep fighting.

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FALEsq said...

February 17, 2008

Having just enjoyed your informative, enthusiastic and entertaining blog, I wondered why the comment board was empty. Might it be that most of your audience was posting congratulatory notes on the Cornell-onia blog for the win over Dartmouth? Might it be that your description of the Tahitian Float has caused most to look to their iceboxes for their just desserts? Or, might most have early wake-up calls despite Presidential commemorations? In any event, we await future postings and the adventures of the Big East's finest. . .