Monday, February 25, 2008

Hall Edges Depaul; Looks to USF

Forget the fact that we squandered a ten-point lead. Forget that our perimeter defense was lackluster. Forget Paris. The bottom line is that we won: Hall 73, Depaul 71. Despite some truly terrible officiating from AARP-pariah “Higgins,” we persevered. Even Jamar Nutter’s uncle, who happened to be sitting next to us, was impressed with the effort. Depaul Head Coach Jerry “Rufus” Wainwright was left shaking his head.

Now we look ahead to tomorrow’s battle with USF. Earlier in the season, this would have been a typical Okosun put-back slam dunk. But given that USF has been playing very well of late, it’s more like a contested bank jam from Walters. That’s not to say it’s not going in – it’s just a bit confusing.

Still, I like Setonia’s chances. Our interior defense was very good against Depaul, and the week off did them a world of good. Hazell was cutting to the hoop effectively, and Laing got his legs under his shot. Okosun gave some impassioned minutes off the bench, and Mike “Praline” Davis had a couple nice blocks. Also, the press looked rejuvenated – nice work, fellas.

Although Dave and I can’t afford the trip to Florida, you can bet we’ll be watching.


Anonymous said...

Get off your knees, Higgins!

Josh said...

This win is because my Pac-10 presence inspired the team to play like champs.

f. nutter said...

Forget Paris is my least favorite Debra Winger movie.