Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Post WVU Syndrome

What do you do when all your hopes and dreams have finally been realized? What do you do when everything you have been planning your life around ceases to exist? How do you react knowing that a long lasting goal of yours has been completed? These are just a few of the feelings and sensations that Ben and I are experiencing upon our return from our road trip to West Virginia.

A journey that only Jack Kerouac can properly capture, we managed to visit three universities and two casinos in five different states in just over 72 hours. We drove through the wealthiest state in the country (big ups NJ!) and the poorest state in the country (WV). We drove through what is affectionately known as the armpit of America all the way down the right arm to the literal right hand of America (WV looks like a right hand with an extended middle finger). And that only begins to describe our journey.

We ventured through two Newarks, two Bethlehems, went southwest past a town called North East, and even saw an accident near Accident, PA. Shortly after passing Friendsville, we entered Morgantown where everyone lived up to the name: “Morgan.” We spent a short while on the Mason Dixon Highway before approaching Cottontown, WV. We even passed a town in West Virginia with its own Indian Royal Palace made of gold.

We lived like kings in Morgantown, partied with the local students, took a tour of the university, met Coach Hug-a-bear (twice), and even spoke to and got autographs from most of the players before the game. We rode the WVU Public Rapid Transit system, watched the game at the Coliseum, and played craps at the Wheeling Casino (worst place ever).

In short, everything we set out to do, we accomplished – except of course for the win. It was the journey of a lifetime and it only leads me to believe that I am a changed man. But now, I am only left wondering…now what???

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