Thursday, February 14, 2008

A Taste...of Victory?

With yesterday’s blowout still fresh in our memory, Dave and I cried pretty much the entire day, respectively. Nevertheless, we found cause to celebrate! Our weekend plans for West Virginia are actually becoming a reality!! We’ve already purchased two tickets for the game, and we’re scheduled to take a prospective student campus tour on Saturday morning! Then, on Sunday, after our prospective win, we’re going to drive up to Wheeling, WV and spend the night at a casino! What could be better!?!?!? So even though we were still stinging from yesterday, Dave and I decided to treat ourselves tonight - on this most special Valentine’s Day Eve – to a truly upscale dining experience.

We debated for quite some time which restaurant we should patronize, in the good way, and then, all of a sudden, it hit us – we would go to “Gonzo!” Tucked away in a trendy West Village neighborhood, “Gonzo” has a reputation as a first-rate Italian bistro (read: recruiter). What better place to discuss the details of our forthcoming journey!!

We both started off with appetizers; Dave had the eggplant caponata, and I had the butternut squash soup. The caponata had a delicious vinegar tartness, and came with a helping of garlic toasts. My soup was also a delight – a splash of cumin and maple syrup tickled the palette, and the butternut squash, though a bit sharp, was like a refreshing elbow to my jaw.

For the main course, Dave ordered the homemade ravioli with duck, sage, and ricotta, served in a brown butter sauce. Though very well-seasoned, the sauce was a bit on the heavy side, requiring slightly more rigorous conditioning and discipline. My dish was a tad predictable, but delectable nonetheless: an old-fashioned Margherita pizza. Ironically, the crust proved too thin for my lacking, and stood to gain roughly twenty pounds of muscle, particularly for a power forward.

Lastly, dessert. Here, Dave made a great decision, ordering the Pecan Praline Ice Cream Sandwich. Like Mike Davis holding a basketball, the two oversized praline wafers cupped the ball of ice cream tenderly, as if about to hand off to a streaking Hazell. Finish that!!! I also made a great decision, opting for the Espresso Float. With two scoops of Tahitian vanilla gelato, a generous pouring of espresso soda, and a dollop of fresh whipped cream to top it off, the dish was an impressive triumph, from start to end – the sort of statement win over Florida that sticks with you forever.

Overall, Gonzo was a wonderful experience, though a bit noisy at times. We give it 3 and ½ stars, for its romantic atmosphere, superior service, and occasional vulgarity.

Stay tuned for more details on the West Virginia excursion…


William said...

Very well written. Dave's romantic nature and strange odors came through in this piece.

Anonymous said...

who went to dinner?

Esther said...

time for an update, BRO!

Karen said...

seriously where's the update. the people need to know about what happened in WV.