Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Biggie Alive and Well!!

While their silky rhymes and smooth delivery might not be the same, Seton Hall has found the next best thing in their recent signing of Mississippi B.I.G man Melvin “Biggie” Oliver. The 6’11, 340 lb center will join St. Augustine Okosun, Michael Davis, and Johnny Garcia as part of a four-headed monster under the basket for the Hall.

The B.I.G man, who fielded interest from Baylor, Nebraska and USC, looks to add some much needed size to the 2008-2009 Pirates squad. Originally from Los Angeles, California, the coaching staff and administration can only hope that an East Coast-West Coast feud doesn’t break out, reminiscent of the Tupac-Biggie rivalry of yesteryear.

Oliver, who will join the pint-sized point guard recruit, Jordan Theodore, helps to solidify an up and down off-season for the Hall. A spring that has already seen the transfer of Larry Davis and the potential firing of Head Coach Bobby Gonzalez, has been anything but easy as we had to say good-bye to senior stalwarts, Brian Laing and Jamar Nutter. However, Oliver has now helped take a team that was alarmingly undersized just a year ago and has tipped the scales to favor the big men.

Still, there’s some concern – might this be a case of Oliver…Twist?!?!?!? At 340, it’s hard to believe that Oliver will be able to keep up with the pace of Big East ball. Also, he still has a number of exams to pass before he is considered eligible. Unusual to see such a talent hold out this long – we’re just a little worried that there might be more to Oliver than meets the literal eye.

Nevertheless, any news is good news these days. Kudos to Bobby G. and the coaching staff and we are all looking forward to hearing more good news in the days to come.

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