Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No, Thank you!

After sorting through our fan mail this afternoon, I came across this letter from one of our loyal supporters:


My name is Chris Maillet and I own We're a small
company trying to compete in the crazy world of sports retail. I'm a
local guy (grew up in West Orange) and I'm a fan of your blog and was
wondering if you would mind posting a link to my site
( We'd be more than happy to post a link to
your blog in return if you wish. Thanks for your time and I hope to
hear from you soon!

Chris Maillet,

So for all those looking to do a little sporting goods shopping, be sure to check out Chris' online store.

Also, stay turned for further recruiting updates; an inside source tells me there is news to come.


jwog said...

all 6 of your loyal readers are breathlessly waiting for another update

Beast of the East said...

i'm suffocating with a lack of air