Friday, April 25, 2008

Recruitment Update

With the signing period well underway, Dave and I realized we needed to provide our loyal readers with a recruitment update. So, without further ado…

The Definites

Jordan “Big Stick Diplomacy” Theodore –

Depending on who you ask, Jordan is either the best point guard in the state, or an overrated, undersized shorty. But here’s what we do know: he led his Paterson Catholic team to a very respectable record, with a couple big wins out of state, and his work ethic is undeniable. The kid is determined to get better, and he is very quick off the dribble. Needs to work on his jumper desperately – otherwise you can expect our Smith & Wesson backcourt to be misfiring all season.

Melvin “Moby Dick” Oliver –

Affectionately called “Biggie” by some, this guy is a beast. At 6’11’ and 340 pounds, this guy is a throwback to when the SUV was actually popular. Every scouting report suggests that he has very good hands for a big man, and can pass well from the top of the key, but conditioning will tell the story. If he can trim 30 pounds, we expect he could have a real impact. If not, it’s the white whale all over again.

The Possibles

Chris Turner –

After de-commiting from Oregon State, Turner is at the top of many coaches’ metaphorical wishlists. At 6’5’’, Turner is a skilled shooting guard with a good deal of athleticism. The question mark for him is grades – apparently, his scores on the analogy section leave a lot to be desired. (Fact: the SAT Verbal Section will no longer include analogy questions after 2009.)

“Crazy Old” Maurice Sutton –

What’s the deal with this guy?? Is he coming to Seton Hall or not?? At 6’11’, he needs to put on some weight to be effective in the post, but apparently Indiana thought enough of him to offer a scholarship. Originally from Newark, Sutton would be crowned a hometown hero.

The No Chances

Gary “May” Flowers –

Spring is in the air, but not for this JUCO power forward. Even though he would get immediate playing time at the Hall, his JUCO coach is persuading him to stick around for another year. Hey, JUCO coach! Can you spell “ulterior?”

Well, that’s the recruiting update for now. We’ll keep you posted.

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William said...

My cousin's name is Chris Turner. If its him playing for the Hall they are doomed. The 5'8, thirty something white guy has no game.