Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Hall Extends Recruiting Efforts Overseas

Dave and I had just finished playing an ultimate Frisbee match in Sheep’s meadow, when he received a text message. It was a text from one of our international sources, sending an update about Seton Hall.

While Dave and I like to think of the blog as our little pet project – and since Cray passed away, as also our literal pet – it takes more than just two boobs like us to run one of the most trafficked Seton-centric sites in the blogosphere. That’s why from time to time, we hire additional boobs so we don’t have to do all the reporting ourselves.

The text from Jeff “Pirate Bay Rum” Woglum was terse, but impactful, and yet not entirely devoid of emoticons: “Hall is recrting Iranian ☺”

Exhausted from our game of ultimate – a “sport” which was invented in none other than South Orange, NJ (see A, Johnston. “Correcting the fallacies surrounding the origins of Ultimate Frisbee”) – we nonetheless ran to the nearest Internet café, which we discovered subsequently no longer exist.

Rum was right. Seton Hall and Coach Bobby Gonzalez were indeed making a push to bring forward Arsalan Kazemi to the squad. At 6’ 7’’, Kazemi could add some much needed help on the low block, and take some pressure off Davis and Garcia.

Though he is still learning the American style – i.e. dribble a lot and pass infrequently – his basketball IQ is said to be very high. Unfortunately, because his English is still very poor, his basketball SAT score is bound to be very bad. For that reason, he’ll probably do an extra year at a prep school on the East coast, and rumor has it that he’s currently considering the Patterson School, the alma mater of Jeremy Hazell. (Might we also humbly recommend Newark Academy, the 13th oldest day school in the nation with an outstanding foreign language curriculum, complete with International Baccalaureate credit.)

As fans, this is great news. We’re glad to see Bobby working hard and getting creative to fill that void at power forward. And even though Kazemi may still be a little undersized to have the impact we’d like, it’s great publicity for the school to be considering international candidates.


Anonymous said...

How does an Iranian player get clearance to come to US and play givne the US has no diplomatic relations with Iran.

Beast of the East said...

excellent question - anyone have an answer to this?

karen said...

hm, well, just because we don't have diplomatic relations with iran doesn't mean it's illegal to emigrate from iran to the us. in fact, the severing of diplomatic ties was co-incident with the islamic revolution, which initiated a wave of emigration to the us, specifically of more liberal iranians. i don't know if playing basketball involves a different kind of immigration, but have a little read on iranian americans here: