Thursday, July 10, 2008

Missouri Loves Company

Former NJ star returns home

After suffering the tragic shooting death of his brother this past season, it was clear that Big 12 sophomore standout Keon Lawrence just wasn’t the same. Understandably, he was simply unable to focus on basketball, and his point production lagged as a result of his depression. Basically, he missed his family back home in Newark, NJ, and likewise they just needed him to be closer during such a difficult time.

This past week, Keon Lawrence announced he would do just that, transferring from Missouri to Seton Hall. While Lawrence will likely not suit up until the ’09 – ‘10 season, his declaration is nonetheless a very welcome sign for Hall fans.

When Lawrence played high school ball in the state of New Jersey, he was one of the most highly regarded shooting guards to enter college. He had originally toyed with the idea of going to Rutgers, but opted to move out-of-state, choosing instead the alma mater of Brad Pitt. Coincidence? Obviously. But not unlike Brad Pitt, Keon would assume a starring role at an early age, quickly becoming the Tigers’ first option on offense during his freshman (gubernatorial?) campaign.

Nicknamed the “human pogostick,” Keon brings an athleticism that’s undeniable, as well as an impressive shooter’s touch. Along with long distance specialists Hazell and Jackson, Keon should add an additional threat on the perimeter. Also, his leaping ability, as suggested by his formidable sobriquet, is off-the-charts, meaning he should help out on the glass as well.

Lastly, Keon brings an additional credit to his name. He is both a pogostick and a scholar! During his freshman year at MU, Keon earned a 3.55 gpa. Get ready, Dean’s List!! Looks like you just got a walk-on!

We applaud Bobby and his team for bringing Keon to Seton Hall.

Keon, our sincere condolences for your loss.

Best of luck with a fresh start in NJ and we’ll be cheering for you.


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Jeff said...

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