Friday, July 18, 2008

Not OK

Augustine Okosun came to Seton Hall University a little more than a year ago as a raw and underdeveloped basketball project. With the help of his controversial legal guardian, Joe Smith, Okosun arrived in South Orange after having only played roughly three years of organized basketball.

After a season of Facebook messages, instant messages, and telepathic messages, Augustine “AOK” Okosun will take his game to a Division II school in search of more playing time. Okosun, who started 11 games last season, only averaged nine minutes a game for the Pirates and clearly saw that with the addition of Melvyn Oliver, his minutes would only be more limited.

Okosun was a solid defender and arguably the Hall’s most athletic big man. His patented finger-roll slam dunk and unorthodox foul shot technique will be sorely missed. Ever the personality, his responsiveness to our Facebook messages quickly earned Okosun the title of Blog Favorite.

Satire aside, Augustine Okosun will be sorely missed. His mile-wide smile and simple graciousness to the fans was always a welcome sight. AOK was known as a gentleman – and a scholar – and he exuded the type of energy and compassion for the game that a coach could only hope for.

Augustine, you will be missed. Just make sure we stay Facebook friends.

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