Monday, July 28, 2008

Tickets, tickets!!

I was casually fraternizing with Dave this past weekend, sitting together in the living room, speculating about the weather, and planning our forthcoming trip to Puerto Rico, when he happened to (name?) drop some pretty unbelievable information: turns out, Dave's 18 year-old brother, Eric, has a friend, Andrew, who landed a sweet internship for a firm that manages the marketing for SHU's mens hoops team! Nice score, Drew! Sick resume boost!!!

But not only that. Apparently, Eric planted the seed that Andrew might be able to get us some season tickets!!! Sure it sounded great, but as any horticulturist knows, 60% of seeds fail to germinate.

We didn't hear from Andrew for a couple days, so I decided to take matters into my own hands, not unlike a tireless offensive rebounder.

Below is the email I sent to Andrew this morning:

dear andrew,

i am writing to you as eric rattner's brother's friend, as your former
school council president, but most importantly, as someone with a
borderline obsessive interest in seton hall basketball. as i'm sure
you're aware, dave and i have cultivated a truly unhealthy passion for
shu men's hoops, so much so that it's really consumed our lives. we
wake up in the morning, and we think of the team. we go to bed, and
dream of the team.

dave mentioned to me that there was a possibility you could get us
season tickets through your job. well, obviously i don't want to put
unfair pressure on you. but you do really need to understand the
impact that would have on our lives.

it really would change everything. last year, dave and i bought the
"gonzo plan", a ticket page which comprised a total of 6 home games,
including some of the most hotly anticipated contests with fellow Big
East rivals such as Syracuse, Notre Dame, and Rutgers. quite honestly,
it wasn't enough. sure, we saw the big matchups. but what about the
instant overtime classic against Robert Morris? or similarly, against

it's my understanding that the company you are working for this summer
is managing the marketing efforts for SHU men's hoops. of course, this
cannot possibly be true. at best, they are co-managing it. because
dave and i have actually been taking the lead on this project for
quite some time, having started our own blog aimed at garnering greater
publicity for the school and the squad, not to mention our extensive
WOM (word of mouth) endeavors.

you might be asking yourself right now, is this kid serious? to that i
would respond, i'm not a "kid" so don't call me that. i'm a man. i'm a
man with a passion. with a dream.

make my dream come true.


BLP '03, ad lumen society

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William said...

Very well written. Also, good job refraining yourself from throwing in "I'm 40!" after saying "I'm a man.", because we all know that Mike Gundy is 41 now.