Wednesday, October 22, 2008

"Profiles in Courage:" Paul Gause

As the whole world eagerly awaits news of Dancing Bear's eligibility from the NCAA clearinghouse, now seemed like the perfect time for the first installment of my series "Profiles in Courage." (Some of you more devoted readers may remember Dave's series "What's in a Name?" which provided an in-depth analysis of the phrase "Gonzo Journalism.")

We begin our series with a look at the profile of undoubtedly our most courageous SHU Pirate: none other than senior captain, defensive specialist, and personal "friend," Paul Gause.

If you look at Paul Gause's profile on Facebook, you know you're a "friend" of Paul. (That's because only his Facebook "friends" have viewing privileges - keep trying, hackers!!!) I first became "friends" with Paul almost a year ago. Can't remember.. he may have asked me; I may have asked him. But what does that matter! Since then, I've enjoyed perusing his interests, recent photo albums, assorted wall posts on a near daily basis. No doubt he looks at my profile just as regularly!!

For today's "Profiles in Courage," I'd like to consider first Paul's choice of profile picture. Just looking at it, you learn everything you need to know about the Hall's fearless leader. The flag in the background shows he puts his country first. The sunglasses prove once and for all that it's socially badass to wear aviators indoors. And the heightened contrast of the photograph demonstrates his obvious talent for graphic design. (Nice use of the Adobe toolbar functions!!!)

But it's more than that. Given Paul's off-season knee surgery, many of us have been understandably concerned about his health situation. What's his status? you might ask. Well, according to Paul, his status is "maxing and relaxing (12 hours ago.)" Yup, I think Paul's gonna be just fine.

Okay, that's all for now. Congratulations to Paul as this week's "Profile in Courage!"


VinMan said...

Since you guys can't make it to the Meet the Team party, I'll look for you at the scrimmage on the 7th.


Hazard Zet Forward said...

It's a real shame that we can't be there. You'll have to tell the guys about the blog for us.

The scrimmage is a definite.