Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Quintessential Quinlan

Well, now it looks like it's final. After announcing the suspension of Stix for the first two games of the Puerto Rico tournament, Seton Hall fans across the world rallied to convince the SHU administration to overturn the decision, but to no avail. Joe Quinlan is apparently standing strong, and the Hall will now be left with 7 players against Pac-10 powerhouse, USC.

To quote Sarah Barricuda: Say it ain't so Joe!! Why must you sabotage our only chances of success?

What I truly cannot stand about Quinlan is that I don't believe he has any such passion for winning. We can talk about this until we're (pirate) blue in the face, but this suspension is simply unjust. One game fine, but the two Puerto Rico games is entirely unfair. It puts us in an impossible position to win those games, and worse yet, it gives the ESPN announcers fodder to discuss when we're losing by 40 in the first half. (Usually, announcers during these tournaments prefer to ramble on about the weather, or indulge in nostalgia-ridden diatribes about their former playing days.)

Just a brief anecdote about our Joe Quinlan, the Hall's illustrious athletic director... Last season, as devoted readers will no doubt recall with glee, Dave and I drove down to West Virginia to watch the Pirates take on the Mountaineers. As we gathered in the hotel lobby the morning before the game, we happened to run into Quinlan. We greeted him warmly, and began telling him about our 8 hour road trip, not to mention our limitless passion for the Hall. He could not have cared less. He stood there just staring at his cell phone, as if it might magically teleport him away from talking to these two crazed Seton Hall fans.

Well, Joe, if that is your real name, and if you are in fact a licensed plumber as you claim, let me tell you something: fans make the game. And passion is the name of that game.

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