Friday, October 24, 2008

Starting a-Nunu

As the Seton Hall Men's Basketball team prepares for its exhibition game on November 7th against Molloy College, one thing is for sure - this is the mark of a new season. Forget about the number of players. Never mind who will play the power 4. And don't even worry about the choice of warm-up song (Ben and I cast our votes for "Put On" by Young Jeezy). Because this much is clear - a new season is a blank slate (tabula rasa). It's a chance to start fresh, atone for past sins, and begin a-Nunu.

On this topic of new beginnings, I would like to highlight one of the more overlooked examples of leadership in the last few months. Eugene "Nunu" Harvey, our extraordinarily skilled, but occasionally ill-tempered point guard, recently gave up his beloved #15 to newcomer Herbert Pope. Nunu, who will be wearing the number #20 this season, was not at all forced to do this, but rather willingly "dished" his jersey to Pope in order prove himself an unselfish leader.

Of course, you might say what does it matter. You might say the number #20 isn't all that different from 15. You might say, they're both multiples of 5. In that case, you'd be correct, but irrelevant. Because a player's number means more than what it says on the back of the jersey. Rather, it means what it says on the front of the jersey, where the number also appears, which always means more, because team comes first. Now that's leadership!!

Just as Nunu is looking to change course and begin fresh, I too will be starting a-Nunu. Many of you probably don't know this, but I will be beginning a new job this coming Monday (have no fear, I would never let it interfere with my ability to maintain this blog). However, as I enter my new position, I can only wonder what the leaders will give up for me? Will the VP of my department give up his beautiful corner office? Will the CEO exchange salaries with me? It shall remain to be seen what sacrifices my new company will make for me, but surely nothing will compare with Eugene Harvey.

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Once again, nicely done.