Sunday, October 26, 2008

Video Killed the Radio Star

All weekend, Dave and I had prepared for WSOU's live interview with SHU Coach Bobby Gonzalez at 7pm on Sunday. We cleared our schedules. We purchased composition books for taking notes. We even dressed up in zoot suits to pay honor to a time when radio was more popular.

Naturally, our hopes and dreams were smashed to pieces when we tuned in only to find out that Gonzo had cancelled at the last moment. Of course! How fitting!! According to WSOU, Gonzo had some recruiting to take care of, so he could not partake in the interview.

Like two grown men left at the altar, Dave and I were understandably hurt and confused. Why would Gonzo do this to us? What possible use would we have for these zoot suits?!?!?

Still, it was not a total loss. With the hosts talking about SHU hoops rather knowledgeably, Dave took copious notes, while I decided to dial in to the broadcast. Although audio problems made it nearly impossible to communicate with the on-air personnel, that did not matter: this was my major media debut. Relishing the spotlight, I rambled on about the intricacies of zone defense, only to later discover that I had been disconnected. I guess it's true what they say... stardom doesn't last forever.

But wait!! There was a silver lining! Perhaps Gonzo had cancelled the interview because he was too busy pursuing a verbal commitment from SHU target recruit Arsalan Kazemi. The Iranian-born Kazemi had visited Seton Hall during the weekend, touring around South Orange during the day, gallivanting through New York City at night.

Alas, this was also too good to be true. According to fellow blogger Adam Zagoria, even though Kazemi had a wonderful time at the Hall, he is simply not yet ready to commit. Although Gonzo pushed him hard to take the plunge -- maybe even trying a little too hard -- Kazemi just did not feel he could commit at this time.

Oh, commitment issues, commitment issues...

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