Sunday, November 16, 2008

2-0, Hall Prepares for San Juan Sans Stix

After two decisive victories against unheralded St. Francis and Columbia, the Hall now gets ready for their biggest mental and physical challenge yet: airport security. That's right!! In just a couple days, the team will be flying down to Puerto Rico to get ready to face Pac-10 powerhouse, USC. Better start pouring out the Gatorade, boys!!

Dave and I will of course be right behind them, as our Booster Club flight departs in the wee hours of Thursday morning. Let's just say we're not expecting too much shut-eye on Wednesday night. I can-juste imagine all the questions that will race through my head: Will Big Mel be cleared to suit up in time? Will Gonzo wear a special "tropical" themed suit? How will I look in my swimsuit on the beach without my shirt on? (I've resumed a daily regimen of whey protein shakes.) As you can see, the anticipation is immense.

Also, let's not forget about our walk-ons. Given that Stix is not eligible in the first two Puerto Rico tournament games, it's very important that all our walk-ons be cleared as well. Otherwise, our bench may be looking a little thin. (In addition to lifting, I've also been doing cardio.)

So far, only one of our walk-ons has been deemed eligible to play, and he's already something of a fan favorite. After not even playing high school basketball, Pete Peregrin shocked the world when he was selected to join the team. Thus far, he's been making the most of his opportunity, and has quickly learned the Gonzo offense: Shoot from anywhere, at all times, particularly at the buzzer when your team is leading by 20. Take that, Ivy League!!

Well, that's all for now. We've got to start packing...

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