Sunday, November 23, 2008

Mitchell Hurls Up 10 Shots; Yellow Powerade

Well, the Puerto Rico Tournament is now in the books, and what an experience it has been. Dave and I have bonded even more with our fellow Booster Club members, establishing camaraderie that will last forever. We've played pool volleyball together; we've bet on chickens together. Yes, it certainly has been an experience to remember. 

Also, the actual team has done shockingly well!!! Nice job, SHU! After upsetting USC, and then losing a tough game to Memphis, the Hall came out tonight and beat a very deep 
Virginia Tech squad to earn third place overall in the tournament. The trophy you ask? A bronze plantain. 

But tonight was significant for a number of different reasons. Tonight marked the end of Stix Mitchell's two-game suspension -- a penalty that even ESPN broadcaster Hubert Davis basically referred to as "capricious and arbitrary." Good call, Hubert! Or should I say,
 SHUbert!! From way downtown Old San Juan... BANG!

Mitchell was understandably very upset to have missed the last two nationally-televised games, and he certainly stole the show tonight. Not only did Stix knock down a very respectable 15 points on 10 shots... He also puked on camera! Theories abound: Was it the result of a flu? An elbow to the Adam's apple? Pure exhaustion? Who knows. All I know is this: I was sitting about 10 feet away from a serious Powerade swish. 

The refs were clearly concerned; the players obviously confused. But I knew Stix would be just fine. Because this is what Stix is all about. And tonight he earned his nickname in victory.



wenglesworth said...

at least when Stix's pukes your team wins....

god i hate donovan mcnabb

UConnia said...

Didn't Hubert Davis go to UNC?

Anonymous said...

Ben & Dave: Great time it was!!
Which was better..the two wins or being on the plane with the team??
Or the weather......or the casino??? or my company???
You guys are a breath of fresh air

wenglesworth said...

where the h e double hockey sticks is the video ? i want to famous already

wenglesworth said...

the word "be" is supposed to be in there. this is why i'm an actor and not a blogger