Sunday, November 9, 2008

Pocket Full of Celery

As devoted readers of our blog, you are now quite familiar with our obsession for all things Seton Hall Basketball. We love the players, the emotional roller coaster of watching a live game (or listening to it on the radio), the coaching staff and even the cheerleaders. From the ridiculous antics of our mascot down to the formal wear of our temporarily ineligible, yet always stylishly dressed transfers, we find ourselves frequently fixating on the more overlooked nuances of our team.

For example, one of our favorite moments during each home game is Gonzo’s absurdly extravagant entrance to the tune of the Jaws theme song. Another favorite pastime is the singing of the Alma Mater at the end of every game. And what’s better than watching the rest of the players prepare during warm-ups as Jeremy Hazell and Mike Davis compete in half-court shot contests?!?!?

Our intense love for the nuances of the game – especially the warm-ups – led Ben and myself to deliver an urgent Facebook note to senior co-captain, Paul Gause. In order to rile up the fan base, we urged Paul to select “Put On” by Young Jeezy featuring Kanye West as the official warm-up song for the season. Not only is this the hot song that all the kids are listening to these days, but we feel as though the song accurately embodies the spirit of this team.

Conversation with senior co-captain Paul Gause

Perhaps Young Jeezy best captures the flavor of SHU hoops in the following line of his chart-topping single: “Her weave look like some curly fries/Inside fish sticks, outside tartar sauce/Pocket full of celery.” If that doesn’t get Big Mel going, I’m not sure what will.

Well Paul, the fans have spoken and the decision is yours.

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