Saturday, November 29, 2008

Setonia Relies on Bench; Hall Wins Again

After today's heart-palpitating win against Delaware, many of the Seton Hall message board bloggers are voicing concern regarding Coach Gonzo's apparent reluctance to utilize his bench. (For the entire second half of today's game, Gonzo only used six players.) Given the grueling schedule Seton Hall faces once Big East play begins, the bloggers would argue, it really is essential that we conserve our energy as much as possible. 

Dave and I could not agree more. For that very reason, we have decided to turn to the reserves for today's post. So, take off those "breakaway" pants, Cajuste!! Because today's post is coming to you live from the nosebleed section. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the "father" of Setonia... my actual father. Take it away, Pops!

Turkey Squelches Fire

So, did the Hall beat Delaware? Yes. Did the Hall crush Delaware? No.

Today's match-up against Delaware promised to be a rout.  (At least, that's what Ben told me on the phone yesterday.) But in the first half, Delaware led all the way. It was fortunate that the Pirates were able to close the gap early in the second half and were able to maintain a slim lead through most of the second half. But this game was not in the bag by any stretch. Which leads one to ask: Did too much turkey for Thanksgiving translate to lethargy on the court? Did the players ingest an excess of tryptophan?

Well, whatever the cause, the Pirates need to rekindle that fire in their belly, because this was not a very pretty game. Without much of a bench, it seems like will and determination will be what leads this team to victory. We will consider this a minor aberration and look forward to more bonfires ahead.

- Ben's Dad


VinMan said...

What's up guys? It was good to see you two on Sat. Stop down and say hi on Tues. nite.

VinMan said...

Oh, and by the way, I love the Hurley quote! lol