Friday, November 14, 2008


Tonight, the Seton Hall Men’s Basketball squad opens its regular season at home against the St. Francis Terriers. Tonight’s game is at the Rock and is slated to start at 8pm. Now is the time I would usually go into my little rant about how this is a new season and we can start a-nunu and that this represents a tabula rosa. Fortunately, for you, I will spare you my schpiel and leave you instead with a voicemail left by my colleague and co-blogger Ben while he is on a recruiting trip out in Dallas….

“…Today. Today. What is today? Today is a word. Today is a moment. Today is one instant. Today is the beginning of the rest our lives. Today is the beginning of something new. Hope. Change. Today, is the beginning of…SETON HALL BASKETBALL.”

Get pumped.

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