Thursday, December 11, 2008


While Ben and I love an audience and writing our hilariously informative blog entries, every once in a while we like to give someone else a shot. This is our first Guest Column and is written by none other than my old college roommate. A California man himself, he had a special interest in seeing California Baptist the game. Although he may be a PAC 10 supporter (and TuPac fan…posthumously igniting the TuPac v. Biggie beef), we’ll cut him some slack here as he recounts his first Seton Hall game experience:

Hey avid Setonia blog followers and first time readers alike – Guest from the West here reporting on my first trip to the Prudential Center. At the heart of Newark, the Rock is the product of a city working to make a good hand out of the bad cards it was dealt – a fitting home for the Pirates.

What should have been an easy win against visiting California Baptist turned into a back and forth game, with SHU unable to hold on to multiple leads. The Hall's press defense was effective in creating numerous turnovers but inevitably tired out its players. When unable to force turnovers, they looked a little lost when in their half court offense. Gonzo put in Mike Davis and Brandon "Wawa" Walters when John Garcia got into early foul trouble, but they lacked confidence with the ball down low and were too often getting out-rebounded by smaller opponents. Gonzo played Garcia until he fouled out then ran the court with no center for the final 9 minutes of the game. While this was able to work against the smaller Cal Baptist, I’m not sure this will be so successful against the bigger BIG EAST schools.

But enough of my criticisms. Jeremy Hazell and Eugene Harvey both played well with 25 points each and Paul Gause was sniping steals and forcing turnovers all night long. Robert “Stix” Mitchell was sinking his shots and John Garcia was looking good at center until he got into foul trouble.

SHU has a lot of young players, and according to Dave, a few of the new recruits will contribute a lot of talent to the team when they get through the red tape with the NCAA. So for now, the Hall needs to make do with what they have.

To Gonzo, I say this: Get your team to build confidence. If you get your players to think like winners you will be the coach of a winning team...Oh, also, stop yelling in the ref's ears in the middle of plays, it won't change his mind and will probably piss him off. It will also save your Adam’s apple, you'll thank me later...

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