Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dix-On, Dix-Off

After verbally committing to Seton Hall, Cliff Dixon has announced he is no longer set on coming to South Orange. According to various sources, Dixon felt too "pressured" by the SHU staff. 

Well, wake up, Clifford!! This is Seton Hall we're talking about here! We love the pressure defense more than anyone. Gonzo recruits the same way he coaches: pressure, pressure, and more pressure!!! I would not be shocked at all if Gonzo actually sent Gause and Theodore to Dixon's Hutchinson dorm room to trap him in the bathroom until he slipped a letter of intent under the door. 

But seriously... at Setonia, we're not too worried about this news. Dixon seems like a good player, with good connections to the NBA, but his loss would not be devastating. For right now, we just need to focus on winning games...

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