Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hall Lands "Big Daddy" Kane

According to MSG reporter and New Jersey-demigod Anthony "Fooch" Fucilli, Seton Hall has received a verbal commitment from DeAndre "Big Daddy" Kane, a shooting guard from the Patterson School in NC. This is the same school that produced SHU's sharpshooter, Jeremy Hazell. Nice work, Fooch!!

At Setonia, we're very happy with this news. Kane had been hotly sought after by a number of big-time Big East programs, including Pitt and UConn, and his stock was on the rise. Based on various scouting reports I've read, he's a scorer and an excellent outside shooter.

If we have one hesitation, Dave and I are a little distraught that Kane comes to SHU with an already established nickname. Why not "Citizen Kane" or "DeAndre 300"? One of our greatest joys is coming up with the nickname ourselves. Still, we will embrace the "Big Daddy" with open arms, and hope that he can play like a "Big" because at 6'2'', he'll probably be playing power forward.


Anonymous said...

How about "KILLER KANE" No?

Beast of the East said...

Or perhaps SUGA KANE