Sunday, December 28, 2008

Hall Rolls Over "Fairly"

With chants of "Fairly Ridiculous" reverberating in my skull, Seton Hall played a masterful second half last night to defeat an overmatched Morris county squad, 101 - 70 . Coming off consecutive losses to IUPUI and JMU, the victory was much needed for our morale. (The past few days have been particularly difficult for Dave... He has been hunger striking as a show of support for the team.) Hazell starred with superb shooting for 35 points and Wawa played decently around the basket, flaunting his pillowy mitts during each timeout. Also, Matt "The Juice" Cajuste added some nice moments off the bench. Even the Falcon Peregrin soared!

But while tonight's win was a true team effort, most of my attention was focused on Stix. You see, earlier in the day I had played a tough 5-on-5 pick up game at the recently renovated JCC in West Orange. With my sneakers freshly polished and my game similarly polished, I was ready to ball. Unfortunately, I somehow found myself appointed team power forward... next thing I knew was bodying against this mountain of a man who used his elbows like ginsu knives. Nevertheless, I would not give up. After receiving monthly payment after monthly payment of ginsu knives to my face, I continued to battle. And even though my final "stat line" was not traditionally impressive, I can assure you my "intangibles" were off the charts.  

Stix, we are two peas in a pod, my friend. I feel your pain and I respect your toughness all the more. Also, let me know if you'd ever like to stop by the JCC... I can get you a guest pass. Unless of course you're already a member! Then you should just enter the building regularly and wait for me at the water fountain. 

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