Monday, December 29, 2008

Hall Stylin'

With the economic crisis continuing to worsen and war raging in the Middle East, it's clear there's one thing on everybody's mind: fashion. For that reason, Dave and I felt compelled to highlight some of the more creative styles of this year's debonair squad. 

Jeremy Hazell: The landing strip pho-hawk

If you ask a person from middle America, hey, have you ever heard of Newark?? Usually, they respond with "No." Or, depending on your gender, "No'm." Occasionally, you'll meet somebody who has heard of Newark Airport. 

This was no doubt in mind when sophomore shooting stud Jeremy Hazell recently decided to shave both sides of his head, leaving a perfect landing strip of hawk down the middle of his dome. Taking after a star power forward from UConn, the Hazell pho-hawk adds another layer of intensity and makes his screaming during inbounds defense all the more feral. 

Fashion Police Score: 9.4

Brandon Wawa: The blue collar goatee

In America nowadays times are tough. From the union auto worker who just lost his pension, to the toll taker made obsolete because of EZ Pass, the tough guys on the street are the ones feeling it most. 

As a show of solidarity, Wawa -- whose nickname happens to coincide with a struggling convenient store chain along the outskirts of the rust belt -- has decided to sport the manliest of facial hair: the working man's goat. While Wawa can definitely get a little fancy sometimes out on the court, make no mistake... this guy puts the team first. Whether it's coming up with a big rebound or fighting for a deflection, Wawa is a man out there. A man with a goat. 

Fashion Police Score: 8.8

Pete "The Falcon" Peregrin: The boy-band ski-jump

With an apparent homage to the ever-popular Backstreet Boys of the late nineties, Pete has decided to wear his hair with just the right amount of gel to effect a perfectly understated "flip" in the front. Dubbed the "ski-jump" for its parabolic, yet gradual rise in elevation, the flip culminates in an almost static-electric facade of hair above the forehead, making it impossible for even the most nonchalant cheerleader to look away. The "ski-jump" also gives Pete a clear edge on the bench, and helps him stand out from his fellow walk-ons. 

Fashion Police Score: 9.1 

Stay fabulous, SHU!!!

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