Saturday, December 13, 2008

Hall Wins Tough Battle with Saint Peter's; Garcia Postgame Interview

Wow... that got personal. 

In a game that featured multiple technical fouls, a lot of pushing and shoving, and even a couple patented Gonzo "foot stamps," SHU was lucky to escape Jersey City with a win, beating St. Peter's College 60-46. The squad survived a terrible day of shooting (1 of 15 from deep) and Walters gave some quality time off the bench. Showcasing a rare mixture of emphatic claps and power dribbles, Walters stunned the crowd in attendance when he was wrongly assessed a technical foul for allegedly retaliating during a minor altercation with an opposing player. Anyone who knows Wawa knows that he would never do anything... The kid wouldn't lay a mitt on a butterfly. 

The scariest moments of the game, however, came when John Garcia and Jordan Theodore both fell to the floor with apparent knee injuries in the second half, only a couple seconds apart. Both players were re-inserted later in the game briefly, but questions still swirl. That's why I made sure to catch up with John on Facebook after the game. 

Here's the interview:

Ben: hey you feeling okay man?

John: im ok... thanks for asking.

Ben: you're tough man. that was a battle out there today.

John: yea... im jus glad we won.

Ben: me too man. just glad you and JT walked off alive. we were freaking out in the bleachers.

John: yea but don't worry... ima be okay.

Ben: cool man. great news. okay i'm out for now. nice win.

John: iight fam. thanx. be safe.

Perhaps the only thing more comforting than John's reassurance of his well-being is his expressed interest in mine. "Be safe?" Thanx to you John, I think I'll be just fine. 


Anonymous said...

Nice, never knew John was a Lacoste guy, lol.

Anonymous said...

nice to see this site being referenced by sportswriters Adam Zagoria and Jerry Carino... said...

Fam? Are you guys like distant cousins or something?