Monday, December 1, 2008

John Garcia Exclusive Interview!!

At Setonia, we strongly believe in giving our readers all-access to the Seton Hall players. With that in mind, Dave and I are proud to present our exclusive interview with SHU senior co-captain, John Garcia. I caught up with John after Saturday's game against Delaware...

As you can see, the interview wasn't very long. But the details tell you everything you need to know about Big John.

First of all, the very fact that John even dignified my Facebook IM with a response speaks volumes!! John had just played practically the entire game on two surgically repaired knees, yet he still found the energy to talk to a fan. Outstanding!!

Next, let's consider the response time, shall we?? I sent my Facebook IM to John at exactly 9:12 pm. And how long did it take for him to respond, you might ask? Did he go watch TV for a couple hours? Did he open a different browser window in the hope that I might grow discouraged and ultimately log off? No. Absolutely not. He replied at exactly 9:13 pm. How polite!! How punctual!!

And finally there's the content of the interview. Short and sweet, John said more in one word than others have said during their entire lifetime. In response to my compliment on John's play, John answered with a simple word: "Thanx." In this one word, John communicated everything I wanted to hear. With the perfect mix of gratitude and internet slang, John proved it once and for all: he will always be my friend. 

Well, that's all for our interview with John Garcia. We'll be bringing you more exclusive interviews later in the season. 


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UConnia said...

That interview was great. But not as great as the youtube video. I have already questioned Dave on how long his dribbling and shooting scenes actually took. One thing I have noticed, maybe its from lack of searching but i have not noticed an area on the website with Setonia's schedule and record/ standings. That would be awesome. As a casual Seton Hall fan (but devoted reader of the blog) I have no idea when Setonia plays next or how they are doing overall. And in today's crazy world, I just don't have time to visit the Seton Hall athletics website.