Friday, December 19, 2008

News on Mel

In all my months as a "blogger-journalist," I've had some difficult stories to report. None, however, has been as personally painful as this. 

At exactly 4:52 pm, I had a Facebook interview with my friend, Melvyn Oliver. For those of you who don't know (stop living under the Rock!) Mel has been waiting on word from the NCAA clearinghouse about his eligibility status.

Here are the contents of that interview:

Ben: What's up man. Did you hear anything yet?

Mel: Yea I did.

Ben: Do I want to know? We need you so bad out there.

Mel: It's over wit gotta wait till next year

Ben: Damn. I'm so sorry.

Mel: i kno. its cool im ready for next year ima bring us a championship

Ben: Keep working hard man.

Mel: i got u

Ben: That's all you can do.

Mel: u already kno

Ben: Okay man... gotta run here. Stay strong. Fans all love you, should know that.

Mel: fa sho


John said...

Please tell Mel that the fans really love his positive attitude and want him to be a Seton Hall Pirate forever!

UConnia said...

Great story. Compelling and rich