Tuesday, December 2, 2008

News on Melvyn???

For the last few months, Seton Hall fans have held their collective breath. We've all been waiting to hear about the pending eligibility of one of Seton Hall's most prized freshmen: Melvyn "Dancing Bear" Oliver.

Now, Dave and I do not have any inside knowledge on this story. I repeat: we know nothing. Zero. Zilch. HOWEVER, as I was perusing my Facebook friends this evening, as I tend to do on most Monday nights to unwind after a fine meal, I happened to come upon this profile update from Big Mel:

"Melvyn is jus woke up from a good ass nap if u kno me good enough u already kno da situation.....hellll yea."

I'm literally not sure what exactly this means. It seems unlikely that the Bear would be napping this late into the evening, which inclines me to believe that this is all some sort of metaphor.

If that's the case, might this mean what I hope it means?? Might the "situation" have just resolved itself??

(Please, please, please, please...)


Sean said...

Good call, guys.

Anonymous said...

Guys: I responded on the chat line but just incase you missed it..."The Dancing Bear has defied hibernation and is coming out to play with the Pirates"

Hazard Zet Forward said...

We definitely saw it and loved it.

The bear is dancing out of hibernation, baby!!!

Anonymous said...

the dancing bear was cleared to play