Sunday, December 21, 2008

Think we're gonna be sick...

In one of the most stomach-churning college basketball games you will ever see, Seton Hall lost a heartbreaker at home to the visiting IUPUI Jaguars. With almost as many letters in its name as points scored, Indiana University Purdue-University Indianapolis beat the Hall 67-65 on a last second layup that bounced around the rim and then actually stopped atop the iron for seemingly an eternity (2 seconds) before falling in. That last second drive by IUPUI was just the final straw in a game that had many up and downs from the beginning.

After breaking the news of Big Mel and still basking in the success of our music video, Ben and I arrived at the Rock with our supporting cast - Coach Gonzo and the Ref - who were warmly received by fellow Seton Hall fans. It was such a great feeling to introduce Gonzo and the Ref to our friends and extended family... See you next year at Thanksgiving!!

Then, as we started walking to our seats, we looked up to the scoreboard to see that last game's hero, Brandon "Wawa" Walters, was getting the starting nod!! A much deserved start after a valiant effort against St. Peter's last Saturday. Also, we know how hard the kid works, how much he wants to please the coaching staff and how much his teammates root for him - so it was a pleasant surprise to see his efforts being rewarded.

But then, wait, oh no! As the starting lineups were being announced, the PA announcer declared that a "Class B Technical Foul Penalty" had been assessed against Seton Hall resulting in two foul shots to be taken before tipoff. Not exactly the way we wanted to start the game. But oh well, Seton Hall has battled adversity before and this would prove to be no different. We're used to the chips being stacked against us.

As the game progressed and the Hall fell behind due to sluggish play and poor shooting, we felt an obligation to rally the crowd. With most of the student section away on holiday break, Ben and I decided to return to our collegiate roots, harassing the refs with the most outlandish and creative insults possible in the efforts to provide a spark. After all, if the team cant make their shots, why not take our own shots at the refs!? Then, the unthinkable happened. After one of our more ingenious and visually inspiring provocations, two female security guards approached Ben and asked to see his ticket. Now I'm not sure what was more surprising - Ben's ability to sweet talk the guards or the fact that they did not recognize us from our video!?!? Honestly, how could they forget? Maybe they would have recognized him if he had performed some dance moves?? Fortunately for us, Ben was allowed to stay in the arena, provided he return to his actual seat which just so happened was geometrically the furthest one from where he was sitting. 

After a game that felt more like a ride at Six Flags than a basketball game at the Rock, I can safely say this - I am definitely looking forward to a calm evening of listening to the prodigal son Dave Popkin and Gary Cohen announcing the game Monday night as the Hall takes on James Madison. At least this time we know we can't get kicked out.

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