Wednesday, December 3, 2008

SHU Soars to Victory; Everything AOK

Tonight's game against Monmouth was a well deserved "breather." As opposed to the last three victories where Seton Hall was forced to overcome double digit victories and pay Coach Gonzalez's enormous shoe repair bills (after all the stomping around, someone has to pay), SHU was finally able to enjoy an easy victory.

Jeremy Hazell lit it up from the floor, matching a carer high of 32 points while going 10-16 from the floor and 6-9 from 3pt range. Euguene Harvey and Paul Gause helped pace an explosive offense. John Garcia got some much needed rest. Mike Davis and Brandon Walters donned their respective mitts and played a combined 39 minutes. There were electrifying dunks and inspired defense. There were alley-oops, 3 point flops, steals, and guys sprawled everywhere on the floor...basically everything you could ever hope from a Seton Hall game.

Then came the unthinkable. With deafening chants of "We Want Pete" echoing through the Rock, Gonzo succumbed to peer pressure and inserted walk-ons Pete "The Falcon" Peregrin and Matt "O Say" Cajuste into the lineup with roughly five minutes to go. Not having practiced much, and definitely not having played much, the two players were understandably a little unsure of themselves when they were asked to play the remaining five minutes of the game.

However, the walk-ons did not disappoint - rather they did the only think walk-ons should do when playing in garbage time...look to shoot at every opportunity! And shoot they did. Cajuste in particular hoisted up a number of questionable, yet hilarious shots with my favorite being his tribute to former Pirate great Augstine Okosun. As you know from reading this blog, AOK was the first SPOTY (Setonia Player of the Year) winner and Cajuste honored him in the only way possible - throwing up an unbelievable bank 3 pointer!!! In a tribute to Okosun's patented finger roll bank jam, Cajuste lofted up an off balanced, highly contested shot from roughly 28 feet that clearly needed the blessings of the reigning SPOTY award winner. Nice job Cajuste! And Augustine, if you're reading this, I hope all is well and please don't hesitate to drop me a Facebook message.


Anonymous said...

Hey did you guys go to SHU?

Just wondering.

Hazard Zet Forward said...

In spirit, friend!! In spirit!!!