Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Coo Coo Cachoo, Mr. Robinson!!!

The Seton Hall family just welcomed its newest member, 6'5 transfer Jeff Robinson from the University of Memphis. Robinson, a product of one of New Jersey's finest - St. Patrick's High School Academy - will be a critical puzzle piece (the corner?) added to the team for next year and will be playing in front of his friends and family literally a few miles away from where he grew up.

Robinson, an athletic freak of nature, will be expected to rotate in and out with sophmore sensation Jeremy Hazell and recent transfer Robert "Stix" Mitchell. While Mr. Robinson's baseball skills may not quite matchup with Joe Dimaggio's, his basketball skills should hopefully help catapult next year's Seton Hall squad into the top half of the BIG EAST.

The additions of DeAndre Kane, Jeff Robinson, Herb Pope, Keon Lawrence and Big Mel Oliver (anyone else is welcome to join... sign-up sheet is posted outside Walsh) to a team that is only losing one (super)man will force Gonzo to do something he has yet to have the luxury to do: coach a team with depth at every posiiton. We are all looking forward to seeing Mr. Robinson play next year and, dont forget, the Pirates love you more than you will know!!


herman92 said...

your video is awsome. Damm son,, are those the irvington projects,, right off campus,, we used to play tennis there back n the late 80's,, dressed all preppy in our j cwew gear,, if anyone spoke to us,, we d run away like little girls,,

UConnia said...

I think the Rainmaker should get some serious Big East MVP consideration. This guy from Memphis sounds legit, except what is St. Patrick's High School Academy? Is it a high school or an academy? I hope he can hit his free throws

UConnia said...

Jeff "The King" Robinson because he's from memphis. It's a winner