Monday, January 19, 2009

The Dark Knight Returns

Well, it wasn't easy, but someone had to do it. This past weekend, this intrepid investigative journalist returned from Connecticut after attending yet another seamlessly run Booster Club trip. Unfortunately, Ben was unable to attend this most recent excursion so I had to brave the bitter cold, and even fiercer opponent, myself. However, thanks in large part to what one prominent Booster Club member declared the "fellowship of brotherhood," I was able to survive the long, arduous journey despite the conspicuous absence of my co-blogger.

While the outcome of the game against UConn was not what we had hoped for, the experience of traveling with 70 other die-hard fans was more fulfilling than I could have ever imagined. After struggling to make it out to New Jersey at 9am, I was graciously picked up from the South Orange train station by a fellow Seton Hall fan and soon to be brother-in-arms. Once we were settled in on our bus, we were confronted with our first major decision of the trip - which movie would we watch on the way to Connecticut and which movie would we watch on the way back?!?! Would "Ironman", the blockbuster story of an arrogant, egotistical weapons tycoon turned superhero be our first film? Or would "Batman: The Dark Knight" prove victorious due to Heath Ledger's magnificent, yet unfortunately post-humus, performance?? Alas, "Ironman" won, putting all speculation to bay.

After sipping on Yoo-Hoo and Famous Amos cookies (an odd homage to my favorite after-school snack, not to mention former Governor Codey's nickname for prized recruit Jarrid Famous' father) and having similar success to Seton Hall at Foxwoods Casino, we arrived to a picturesque Bed and Breakfast in the rolling hills of historic Avon, CT. Our fearless leadership quickly assembled quite the hospitality suite and before we knew it we were watching college basketball and snacking on goldfish...what more could a man possibly hope for? The next morning's brunch featured the booster club raffle which included coveted SHU paraphernalia such as tee-shirts, windbreakers, tank tops and the odd Iowa Buckeyes inspired yellow and black Seton Hall athletic shirt. Much to my chagrin, I failed to come away with the tanktop...oh well, there's always next time.

A brief stop at the XL Center in downtown Hartford (apparently there was some basketball game there) and we were back on the road, sipping juice boxes. So after nearly 48 hours of bus rides, superhero movies, juice boxes, snack food, gambling, stock tips and a little college basketball interspersed, this Dark Knight was ready to return to the place he really belongs - the Seton Hall campus.


UConnia said...

Wait did Heath Ledger act in that movie after eating hummus? Or were you looking for posthumous? Either way, sounds like a fun trip. I hope you enjoyed "New England's Rising Star" Hartford, CT. As Mark Twain said "Of all the beautiful towns it has been my fortune to see, Hartford is the chief".

Anonymous said...


UConnia said...

Can I recommend "The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh" for the bus ride movie?

VinMan said...

Did anyone do well at Roulette while at Foxwoods?

VinMan said...

Blue Chips!