Saturday, January 10, 2009

Digger Myself a Hole

Today, SHU travels to play Notre Dame, a team formerly coached by ESPN commentator and Dick Vitale shoe-shiner, Digger Phelps. If you look at the matchup on paper, you'll find that Notre Dame should pose terrible problems for our beloved Pirates. The Irish lead the league in the 3 point percentage, and their assist-turnover ratio is outstanding. Considering that our perimeter defense is very poor, and our only way to win games is to force turnovers, you might logically conclude that this game will be a disaster.

Still, something tells me SHU might get lucky on this one. With Keon now once and for all relegated to his position as team cheerleader and fashionista -- love the untucked slim-fitting white oxford!! -- this team of 8 scholarship players, plus JUICE, should be able to move ahead more determined and focused. Also, it's not like Notre Dame is unbeatable... they've already lost to St. John's, proving that Norm "McDonald" Roberts is not quite the Saturday Night Live "comedy routine" some have made him out to be.

So, what am I saying? Do I actually think SHU might upset Notre Dame today? For some unthinkable reason, yes. Yes, I do.

Player to watch: Theodore. After a few sub-par games, JT picked it up against Villanova. I would love the kid to have a big game, slashing and drawing fouls against Big Luke in the middle.


UConnia said...

Bold prediction. Sometimes you just gotta go on a feeling. 3 point shooters have to go cold sometime right?

UConnia said...

Hmm, I just realized that this game was on Saturday. Looks like they played em tough though. Saturday's game at Gampel Pavilion will be a tough one.