Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hall Falls to WVU, Fashionably

In some ways, this weekend's loss to West Virginia was pretty much like any other Seton Hall loss. Poor interior rebounding and weak outside defense proved, yet again, a failing combination, as the Hall squad wasted a fantastic offensive performance by Jeremy Hazell. In other ways, however, this game was very unique, with a number of unusual moments.

Rather than recap the action on the court, Dave and I wanted to point out some of the more eye-catching events on Saturday:

Mike Davis: The Next David Beckham

In what could be described as the strangest jumbo-tron player interview of the season, Mike Davis admitted to having a rather unlikely sports hero: fashion-icon and soccer diva, not to mention L.A. Galaxy sensation, David "Bexx" Beckham. Why, you might ask? Because of "his work ethic." Umm... I like soccer as much as the next guy, but that had to be one of the most unexpected responses in the history of America's general distaste for futbol. It's okay though... Davis knocked it out of the park with his answers to the food questions. Doritos and vanilla ice cream with sprinkles -- I hear ya, big guy!!

Flagman Goes For 5

When the team is losing by 8 late in the game, who can they turn to? The fans? The band? The middle cheerleader, who is extremely attractive and flexible? No. They depend on Flagman. And on this day, the man with the 30 foot pole showed up big time. Unfortunately, his record-setting 5 laps still was not enough to rouse the Pirates. Can anyone say half a dozen?!?!?!

The Gonzo Phantom Technical

Sure, say what you want about Coach Gonzo. Occasionally, his mouth gets him in trouble. But against WVU on Saturday, the SHU coach was hit with a technical without real cause. In an innocent move he lifted straight from our Youtube video, coach Gonzo was displeased with a blocking foul call, and responded by putting his hand behind his head, indicating he thought it was a charge. The ref proceeded to then "t" up the coach, again mimicking exactly the video. I guess it's true what they say: life imitates art.


Runs with Scissors said...

I did notice the middle chearleader. Sweet. However, we do have a few that are horizontally challenged. Freddie Mercury would be proud.

UConnia said...

What about Vanilla ice cream with Doritos? Sounds like it might be good until the doritos got all soggy