Friday, January 30, 2009

Hall Saves Face; Wins 70-67

And the winner is….(drumroll please)…Exit 15W!!! In a battle for the Garden State, Seton Hall beat archrival Rutgers University last night 70-67, settling the age old debate as to which exit is better.

The game last night was a heated battle between two schools whose programs are very much looking to the future. Seton Hall’s freshman Jordan Theodore contributed mightily on the defensive end last night and created plays out of nothing on the offensive side. Even super-hero character Mitts of Stone (Mike Davis) softened up those mitts and added 4 points and 5 rebounds in a mere 12 minutes of play. It looks like those hand incubators are working Mike…keep up the good work! However, Rutgers was able to counter with their own freshman phenoms Mike Rosario and Greg Echenique, both of whom were Rutgers’ go to players towards the end of the game.

Despite the extraordinary play of JT, M.O.S and a resurgent John Garcia, it was Jeremy Hazell who stole the show. Dropping 35 points and grabbing 10 rebounds, Hazell had a mini coming out party on a nationally televised ESPN2 game. Hazell scored the majority of his points in the second half, hitting a couple of 3 point daggers and nailing his foul shots to seal the deal for the Hall.

However, even though Hazell was in the spotlight for most of the night, we at Setonia would be remiss if we failed to mention the hero of the evening – Eugene the Cafeteria Guy! In his first basketball game ever, Eugene received a standing applause from the near sold out crowd, especially from former player Luther Wright who seems to have had his fair share of Eugene’s specialties.

After the big Georgetown win on Sunday, it was important for Seton Hall to come out strong and come away with a victory against Rutgers, who is still hungry for their first BE win. Now, we have won two games in a row, are on a mini winning streak and have a week off before next Thursday’s Blue out at the Pru.

Onnnnward Setonia!


wenglesworth said...

in a new jersey vs new jersey game, everybody loves



Runs with Scissors said...

Flagman made it around 6 times.