Sunday, January 25, 2009

Nostalgia Triumphs; Hall Edges GTown

With a little help from Doc Brown and his flux capacitor, SHU turned back the clock on Sunday to beat #14 Georgetown at home. After honoring the 1989 national runner-up team at halftime and an inspirational speech from former coach PJ Carlesimo, our beloved Pirates came out with a strong last 20 minutes to steal a victory against one of the country's elite teams.

Now, as you all know at this point, Dave and I were pretty moved by last year's Louisville victory. In fact, it launched our movie career. But in all honesty, this win may have been more impressive. Whereas the UL game was the result of Hazell's individual performance, today was more a team effort. Stix and Garcia passed the ball brilliantly, and JT and Gause created havoc with the press. Even Matt "The Juice" Cajuste got into the act!! Take that, Greg "Monroe Doctrine"!!

On a day when SHU didn't hit a single three pointer, the offense still looked beautifully in sync. And even though GTown missed a number of open shots, our zone was very active.

For one day, it wasn't 2009 anymore. For one day, a gallon of gas was under 90 cents. And Madonna was still a virgin.

For one day, it was 1989. And Seton Hall reclaimed its title as a powerhouse program.

Dave will have more updates from the Booster Club dinner at Don Pepe's... stay tuned!!


Anonymous said...

You have much to learn young grasshopper! Jerry Walker was not on the 1989 Final Four team. He was still at St. Anthony's HS then. Did you not pay attention at halftime?? My respect for your SHU basketball knowledge has fallen a few dozen points.

Hazard Zet Forward said...

Nice catch!! While it's true that in many ways Jerry Walker is a Pirate for life, you're totally right.