Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Player Profile: Robert Mitchell

At 6'5'' and 185 lbs, Mitchell may be our most tenacious rebounder! His feel for the game is extraordinary, and he makes the most of his size. Yes, Robert Mitchell is truly one of a kind!! Except, of course, he's not. In fact, "Robert Mitchell" may be the most common name in the Anglo-Saxon tradition.

In honor of Stix and his incredible play of late, we'd like to spotlight Robert Mitchell #845.

From Wikipedia:

Robert Mitchell (14 December 1913 – November 1996) was a British water polo player who competed in the 1936 Summer Olympics. He was part of the British team which finished eighth in the 1936 tournament. He played all seven matches.
Twelve years later at the 1948 Summer Olympics he was a reserve player and did not participate in a match during the 1948 tournament. He was later a member of the Greater London Council (1964-86).


VinMan said...

But does he have the legs, or "stix" if you would, that SHU Robert has?

Hazard Zet Forward said...

Dave and I will do some serious investigating to find out the circumference of this other Mitchell's "stix"