Friday, January 2, 2009

Sign of Solidarity

After a tough loss against Syracuse, I decided that Seton Hall needed my help and support now more than ever. Should I write yet another post on Rivals or should I try and write a post on Setonia? Should I drive out to South Orange and see if John Garcia needs any more ice for his leg or should I spend some more time in the gym with Wawa and Mike Davis helping soften their mitts?

No, that simply would not do it. They needed something more. The team needed to know that despite their poor performance against Syracuse and their terrifying upcoming stretch of games against West Virginia, Notre Dame and UConn, Ben and I are with every sense of the word. That's why I did the only thing I thought would show our absolute, unrelenting, borderline obsessive support for the Hall - give myself a pho-hawk.

As sign of solidarity, and as a tribute to Jeremy Hazell, Ben shaved a pho-hawk into my already natural faux-ish hair. There were some inherent complications with the haircut, most notably my lack of hair to begin with. However, we worked with what we had and managed to shave a rather symetrical line into my head...needless to say, I was the hit of my New Year's Party!!

In these difficult times, this is the kind of support we all need to show the Hall. Whether you choose the foo-man choo that Wawa so elegantly sports, the ski jump that Pistol Pete has brought back from the dead or the riskier pho-hawk that Jeremy and yours truly I think it is important for all of us to stand behind this Pirates team. And who knows, maybe one of the players will model their hairstyle after you!!

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UConnia said...

faux-hawks and mo-hawks can be dangerous. Two risks: sunburned scalp and hair not growing back the same. That's the sign of a true fan. Balls to the wall