Wednesday, January 7, 2009

To Be Expected

There are several things one can expect when attending a Seton Hall Basketball:

1) Jeremy Hazell will fall down at least once while attemping a 3-pointer.

2) Mike "Stones" Davis will spike the ball out of bounds in an attempt to grab a rebound.

3) "Stix" will try to take a charge on defense.

4) No matter the matchup, Seton Hall will take you on an emotional roller coaster...

...And that is exactly what happened in last night's OT loss to 17th ranked Villanova. In a matchup of superstar guards, Seton Hall (Jeremy Hazell) battled 'Nova (Scottie Reynolds) to the wire, eventually losing 89-85. Hazell's bank 3 pointer (dont worry, I heard him call it) at the end of regulation forced overtime but it wasn't enough to offset "Teflon" Reynolds' 40 point night.

Playing their best game since Puerto Rico, SHU looked once again like a team to be reckoned with in the BIG EAST. With pesky defense and miraculous drives to the basket, Seton Hall went step for step with Nova all night long. John Garcia looked stronger than his last game against WVU and even walk on sensation Matt "Juste" Cajuste contributed some valuable minutes, grabbing 4 boards and robbing Nova twice. For all of you who are wondering, yes, Ben and I are in the process of making "Juste" t-shirts...please be patient.

Additionally, it was good to see some emotion from the fans last night. It was a pleasant reminder that the Hall does play in front of a live crowd, although there were way too many Villanova fans for my taste. Hopefully last night's game will remind our local fan base that we do still have a basketball team and we can still compete with the best in the BIG EAST.

One last note - a big thank you to the mystery man Ben and I met on the PATH train returning to the city last night. A SHU senior and die-hard basketball fan, we asked if he had seen the Seton Hall music video. When we revealed ourselves as the two stars behind the video, his jaw dropped and he continued to praise us for our efforts, telling us how the video has made serious inroads into the Seton Hall student body. Wow...I have never before felt like a celebrity, but now I know how it feels. But dont worry, I'm not going to start jumping on any couches any time soon.

Thanks mystery man! See you at Brick City before the Providence game!


UConnia said...

I think it is time for you to throw a party on Seton Hall's campus somewhere. Sounds like you have hit it big time and women would just throw themselves at you and Ben. Not the cardinal though

Runs with Scissors said...

Flagman only did 3 laps. WTF?

Anonymous said...

I like Mike "Hot Hands" Hot Hands Haines from the Little Giants movie

Beast of the East said...

Hot hands is not bad, but I kind of like the dynamic duo of Mike "Stones" Davis and Robert "Stix" Mitchell. Stix and Stones will break their bones...

Anonymous said...

You forgot "4. John Garcia will put the ball on the floor when he should go straight up to the basket thus causing him to walk at a crucial juncture."

"5. Eugene Harvey will refuse to pass the ball to Jeremy Hazell on a fast break because if he isn't the star, nobody is."

"6. Plenty of seats available in the student section. Cause our students suck."

UConnia said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog. I'm starting to get addicted. Keep up the good work