Monday, January 26, 2009

What a Day

Wow...what a day. If Seton Hall had only beaten nationally ranked Georgetown - it would have been enough. If PJ Carlesimo and the rest of the 1989 Final Four team had only given a bone chilling halftime presentation - it would have been enough. And if only the annual Seton Hall Booster Club dinner was held last night - it would have been enough. But for all three events to happen on the same, glorious Sunday...what a day!

After a thrilling upset over the (Hoya) Rocks of Georgetown, the Seton Hall faithful made the cross-town journey to Don Pepe's restaurant for the annual Seton Hall Booster Club dinner. I had the fortune of riding shotgun to the dinner with two Seton Hall gurus - the mastermind of the Rivals website and Head Coach Bobby Gonzalez's younger sister. You can only imagine what a thrill it was for a younger blogger like myself to be in the presence of such greatness.

The restaurant was set up beautifully with 130 people or so patiently awaiting the hero of the day – Head Coach Bobby Gonzalez. In the meantime, we were treated to inspiring, and amusing, speeches from our fearless leader Vince Zingara, Monsignor Sheeran, Fooch and track-star-and-band-leader turned reporter, Jerry Carino. Not even an obnoxious comment from one of the guests regarding our beloved Athletic Director could spoil this magical evening. In fact, the only thing missing was a personal welcome from Gabe Lopez and his family.

After enjoying some fine sangria, the man of the hour, Bobby Gonzalez, finally arrived. Followed closely by his traveling entourage of Dr. Roboto, Skin and the Kazman, Gonzo gave one of his patented, loquacious speeches – making sure to point out repeatedly special guests Mr. Robinson (the original) and Mr. Famous (Amos).

However, one of the highlights of the evening was sitting next to a devoted Setonia follower's 5 year old son and listening to him recite every players' number, watching him reenact Jeremy Hazell and Paul Gause's in-game antics and hearing his esteemed opinion on the future of the sporting industry in the recent economic downturn. It seems as though we have a Bill James in the making on our hands!!

After sharing some wonderful Spanish cuisine with the who’s who of Seton Hall basketball, the evening ended in absolute euphoria – it turns out Bobby Gonzalez wants a (signed) copy of the Seton Hall music video. Not a problem Bobby…coming right up!!


UConnia said...

The King

Anonymous said...

Don Pepe's is a Portuguese restaurant, numbnuts.

Runs with Scissors said...

It may be Portugese but they are known for Spanish cusinine. Lighten up dude. No need to call names.

Go Pirates!

VinMan said...

I still would have preferred a steak!