Monday, February 2, 2009

100th Blog Entry!! Yay!

Life is a series of accomplishments. Some are big. (Eugene scoring his 1000th point.) Some are small. (Mike Davis catching a rebound with his pillowy mitts.) And then some are absolutely freaking huge.

It was little over a year ago when Dave and I decided to start this blog. At the time, many said it could never be done. But we have proved the naysayers wrong! We have made our personal and professional lives an afterthought, and poured our heart and soul (and minds?!?) to making Setonia.blogspot everyone's favorite website. For some, even homepage. (That's for you, Verizon Tom!!)

Of course, the success we have enjoyed -- the fame, the glory, the ad revenue, which is barely anything -- is a testament to the wonderful support we have received. It's not just me and Dave who make this blog work. We have a working team of thousands, all living in India. But there are also many people in the States who are helping. In this entry, we say thank you.

Thank you...

To our parents, for their undying love and loyal readership. Even when no one knew we existed, you were still clicking on ads.

To our friends, who think our obsession with Seton Hall is strange, yet are jealous nonetheless. We promise to find you guys a part in our next video.

To the players, who respond to our Facebook messages and give their all on the floor, night in and night out. A particular thanks to Pete Peregrin for taking valuable time away from your Calculus homework in the San Juan airport to say hello.

To Gonzo, Skin, and Dr. Adubato, for your wisdom, recruiting, and complementary donuts at the Seton Hall day practice.

To HallDan, master of the Rivals universe, for encouraging a couple young upstarts in the dog-eat-dog world of the blogosphere.

To Vinman, for recognizing our talents at the Booster Club preseason dinner in the VFW Hall, and giving us the inspiration to make Setonia the institution it is today. Seriously Vinny, we love you.

To Vinman Jr., the son of Vinman, aka. VinLittleMan, whose knowledge of the game far exceeds any other preschooler.

To Jerry, acclaimed WSOU radio personality, who has always treated us exactly as we've asked to be treated: as dignified members of the Seton Hall media community.

To Rosa, the customer service representative at the San Juan Ritz Carleton, who managed to deliver free polo shirts to our hotel room.

To UConnia - whoever you might be. I feel like a proud father when I look at your own marvelous blog.

To Mr. Burke, a long-time family friend, who has provided us with free tickets to watch our beloved Hall when we could not have afforded to otherwise.

To Tim HIggins, whose refusal to go quietly into that dark night we call retirement has provided both of us with added inspiration as we endure a difficult job market.

To "Governor" Codey, whose leadership of our state is only rivaled by his hospitality at his burger restaurant in Newark.

To Gonzo's little sister, who gave Dave a ride to Don Pepe's after the big Georgetown victory.

To Flagman, who gives his heart every night to circle around a bunch of cheerleaders who probably walk right past him in the cafeteria.

To Jeb, who filmed and produced our critically acclaimed YouTube video, and Ref, Gonzo and the Cardinal for dealing with two obsessive compulsive directors and believing in us when noone else did.

To Bob Huggins, coach of West Virginia, who greeted us so warmly at 3 am in the lobby of the Morgantown Waterfront Hotel the night before pummeling Seton Hall by 30 points.

To "Fox," whose real name is __________. You mean more to us than you know.

To Vince, our intrepid Booster Club travel coordinator, who finds wonderful places for us to stay at wholesale prices.

To Carl, the man who works at the Abracadabra Halloween Store in lower Manhattan who sold me the Louisville Cardinal head at a great discount. Carl, the movie would've sucked without you!!

To "Cray," our late crayfish. RIP.

To Joe Quinlan, for your quiet, almost comatose disposition at games. In all seriousness though, it's a nice balance with Gonzo.

To Gary Cohen and Dave Popkin, for talking to us sometimes.

To Brian Laing and Jamar Nutter, former Pirate greats, whom we miss terribly. Next time we go backpacking across the Pyrenees, my friends, expect a text message!

To St. Ausgustine Okosun. You are gone but not forgotten. "The Gazelle" lives on.

To Jarrid Famous's father, it was a pleasure meeting you in the Ice lounge. If we had schollie, we would give it to you.

Well, I think that's it. As you can see, Dave and I may be the "faces" of this blog, but there are many people behind the scenes who you never read about.

Thanks everyone!! Happy 100th!


wenglesworth said...

i hate you guys

i'm crushed

this is worse then when dave kicked me out of the dinner club

UConnia said...

Yeah dude,
Dead crayfish gets more love than one of the most loyal readers, and the man who played Coach Gonzo in the video. Chopped liver ain't got nothing on us.

wenglesworth said...

honestly, me and my boy moose (yes after boycotting it for 6+ years your heartfelt support of my post has made me forgive you for attempting to give youself your own nickname) were readers number 1 & 2. I even discussed offensive and defensive tendencies of the pirates with you dave. i feel more used then a 1992 honda accord

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the both of you, although I must admit I am jealous that I did not get a shout out. I was sitting with Vinman when wew met at the VFW, and I was in Puerto Rico and UConn (making sure Dave was alright without you there)and my wife giving medical advice in PR when Dave went blind for a few days...Buts thats awright..I'll get over it..RFS

VinMan said...

Thanks for the shout out fellas. Keep up the good work.

VinMan said...

By the way, VinMan Jr. would like to audition for the next video.

wenglesworth said...

VinMan Jr can have the roll of coach in the next video. Obviously I am beginning to be phased out of the "clique." Once I'm replaced, its going to be like Major League II, where everyone knew Omar Epps had replaced Wesley Snipes and the whole movie you thought, damn I wish they kept Wesley....

(no offense Vinman Jr., i'm sure youre a better actor then me/Omar Epps)

VinMan said...

Although the role of "Gonzo" is a great supporting role, Vinman Jr. would be extremely disappointed if he did not score a roll in which his prized Seton Hall basketball jersey would be required. The boy is a playa!

UConnia said...

I would be glad to play the role of Brad Penny or Ben Roethlisberger in any upcoming movie you are making. I might even be able to do Chase Daniel.

Anonymous said...

keep rocking fellas.... your an inspiration

VinMan said...