Wednesday, February 11, 2009

5-Game Win Streak; SHU Wins By $19.99!!

Sometimes Dave and I forget that we are part of a fringe community. We can't imagine that the rest of the world would not be as tuned in to our devoted Pirates as we are. Never was there a clearer reminder, however, then last night's ESPNU broadcast of SHU vs. Depaul.

Filled with the sort of low-cost informercial programming one might expect to see at 4 am on a cooking network, Dave and I were treated to a litany of commercials promoting a wide range of products one might reasonably consider shams. One product was actually named, "The Shamwow!" With an absorbing power inversely proportional to Mike Davis' mitts, this piece of cloth grabbed everything in sight! Cola on the carpet? Loose ball off the iron? Use the Shamwow! to pull everything in.

Another highlight had to be the Pro-Caulk. With its octogonal poker chip design, the Pro-Caulk is effectively a glorified piece of plastic used to wipe away excess caulk, creating perfectly straight lines. It also has another use: Dr. Adubato Roboto likes the Pro-Caulk for pinstriping his power suits!

Yes, there were a great many absurd advertisements, including the Montel Williams / Barack Obama Commemorative Series, a Renaissance Fair themed Free Credit Report.Com spot, and a true favorite, the Snuggie: a monk-designed piece of fabric meant to restrict mobility.

But while these Super Bowl caliber ads were entertaining, the game was actually even better. What team basketball!! What heart!!

Harvey played some of his best basketball of the season, and everyone contributed to this one. Standing on one leg, Garcia in particular had a number of "Shamwow!" moments, skying over the competition to grab board after board. Also humorous was the announcer's actually uncomfortable obsession with Stix's legs. Enough with the close-ups, already!!

All-in-all, Dave and I were pleasantly surprised. This had "trap game" written all over it, but our boys came through to shock the world.

In a word: SHAMWOW!!


UConnia said...

Blankets are ok, but they can SLIP AND SLIDE! Big game on Saturday. Can Setonia match up against Hasheem "The Dream" Thabeet, A.J. Price "is right", Stanley "The Manly" Robinson and Jeff "Yo" Adrien? Might luck out and not have to cover "Iron" Jerome Dyson due to injury.

UConnia said...


VinMan said...

I was thinking, for your next video, if you wanted to have a scene with SHU beating RU, I could talk to my son's karate instructor about playing the role of FHJ.