Thursday, February 26, 2009

And The Winner Is...

….Seton Hall!! After coming away empty handed from last night’s film festival, Ben and I were comforted in the fact that the true winners of the night were appropriately rewarded with a 75-60 victory over USF. While some hardware would have been nice, Ben and I would gladly trade a miniature statue for a victory any day of the week. However, I can’t help but wonder…was the lighting too dim? The music too loud? The choreography not timed correctly? The Hazell flop not emphatic enough?...Oh well, there’s always the next one.

Last night’s game against USF was a throw back to the Seton Hall of old. Eugene Harvey returned to the court after missing last Sunday’s St. John’s game. While Ben and I failed to win any awards, Nunu earned himself Setonia’s P.O.G award. Congrats Nunu! Jeremy Hazell, despite battling an apparent chest cold, was back to making shots he shouldn’t be taking and nailing 3 pointers (4-9 from the arc). And, in classic Seton Hall form, we got absolutely murdered in the paint in the first half. While the second half offset some of the statistics, it was an absolute bloodbath down there for the first twenty minutes. If South Florida’s “Nobody #1” and “Nobody #2” can dominate us down low like that, imagine what will happen Saturday night when big, bad Pittsburgh comes to town?

Speaking upcoming games, we here at Setonia would like to make an announcement (Hear ye, Hear ye!). After the Saturday night game against Pitt, Ben and I will be stuffing our life possessions into whatever rental car we can get our mitts on and making the long trek out to Louisville, Kentucky. Why, you may ask? To see the Louisville game, duh! Realizing that the Hall’s only chance of beating Louisville is to bring the Cardinal mascot head to Kentucky, the three of us (Ben, myself and Cardinal) will be sitting courtside at Freedom Hall, using the Cardinal head as some sort of voodoo doll to cast evil spirits upon Rick Pitino and his Louisville team. After successfully casting spells upon Earl Clark and Terrence Williams, we will travel north several days later to do the same to Deonta Vaughn and his Cincinnati Bearcats team.

It should be the trip of a lifetime and stay tuned for more details.

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Anonymous said...

What a way to end the season..I was hoping to make the trip to Cincy, but the flights do not make sense. I was going to surprise you @ Fifth, Sixth or 7th Bank Arena. I felt we started this journey in PR with 2 wins we did not expect, so why not bring the magic to Cincy. Anyway, be safe and have a great time...RFS