Sunday, February 1, 2009

Famous Amos as Good as Advertised

Yesterday, a small group of dedicated Seton Hall basketball fans traveled to St. Francis College in Brooklyn to watch the Westchester Community College Westcos and SHU's prized recruit Jarrid Famous play powerhouse ASA College.

An odd combination of St. Augustine Okosun and Greg Oden, Famous lived up to much of the hype he has received. Physically gifted, Famous is a tall, but muscular, imposing figure on the court. While he can definitely stand to put on a good 20 pounds of muscle, he was not as "Sticky" as I thought he was going to be. With good post moves and confidence in his outside shot (he still needs to work on going left, but Im sure Brandon Walters will be able to help him with that), Jarrid's offensive game is BIG EAST ready. Also, on another positive note, Famous must have those hand incubators cranked up to the highest level as his mitts are as soft as a she-mouses's belly! Oh, and did I mention that he can rebound!?!?

All in all it was a great way to spend a Saturday afernoon and I think the 15 people or so we had donned in their favorite blue and white apparel sent a powerful message to Jarrid and the original Famous, Amos. Too bad we werent able to get a trip out to watch Okosun in Nigeria...


Runs with Scissors said...

Excellent. You 15 should be commended. Great idea! Way to show SHU support for him and to make him feel welcome!

UConnia said...

I am so lost. How many Amos's are there? Who is Okosun? Did I miss a post?